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What is Sealord Swim for Life?

Sealord Swim for Life is an initiative that works with regional partners to get swimming and water safety lessons up and running. We also facilitate everything your school needs to get kids in the water.

Respect for the water

New Zealand has one of the highest drowning rates in the developed world. Changes in the school curriculum mean that learning to swim is no longer an automatic part of growing up in New Zealand and many families aren’t able to pay for private swimming lessons.

We believe it’s essential that all kiwi kids have the tools they need to be safe in and around the water. That’s why Water Safety New Zealand and Sealord have partnered up to help make sure all our kids are learning to swim to survive.

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The Problem : 80% of kiwi kids can’t swim well enough to save themselves. Can your children swim to survive?


The Goal: By the age of 10 all children should be able to complete the 50 metre survival sequence.

240,000 kids

The Progress: To date Sealord Swim For Life has supported approximately 240,000 students learn to swim to survive.

The Journey

Here you can see how many kiwi kids are at each achievement level of the Sealord Swim for Life passport. Want your own passport?

Achievement 1:Submersion
213,187 kids

Putting your head under the water is a great start to learning how to swim and survive.

Achievement 2:Floating
203,172 kids

You have already achieved one of the most important skills required in learning to swim and survive.

Achievement 3:5m Swim
177,306 kids

You are well on the way to being able to swim and survive. Keep up the practice!

Achievement 4:15m Swim
130,959 kids

Keep going, with more practice you will be able to extend your swimming ability even further.

Achievement 5:25m Swim
94,488 kids

You should be proud of yourself. You have proven you have what it takes. Next step - 50 metres!

Achievement 6:50m Swim
63,992 kids

What an awesome achievement - now let’s try a 100 metre swim.

Achievement 7:100m Swim
45,297 kids

There is one more level to reach 200 metres. It’s within reach!

Achievement 8:Survival Skills
33,887 kids

Check your survival skills - you never know when you might end up in the water.

Achievement 9:200m Swim
29,434 kids

You’ve done it! You can swim 200 metres. You are amazing! We knew you could do it!

Join the 200m Club!

The Swim for Life passport is your ticket to our 200m club, a club all kiwi kids aspire to be part of. Track your achievements here while we share some choice tips with you along the way. 
Get your passport now!

Kautiki Kauora!

Created by artist Derek Lardelli, Kautiki the swimming Tiki is the Sealord Swim for Life hero. Tiki are unique to Aotearoa/New Zealand and have their origins in our ancient histories. They originate from the most sacred of waters, wai matua, the protective embryonic waters of the mother.

Sealord and Water Safety New Zealand encourage families to protect their children by ensuring they learn to swim and survive.